Le Tuuri Parc

The best active entertainment for you and your family

What is Le Tuuri Parc

Activity in our rope park is suitable for adults and kids. We organize as well bachelor or bachelorette parties and corporate events. Park was built according to modern technologies by French company "Amazone Adventure", which has built more than 100 rope parks around the world. Two main principles of the "Le Tuuri Parc" is "eco friendliness" and safety, that is why cabels and games do not damage strong healthy trees. We use modern safe roller security system, which makes climbing easy and absolutely safe.

Climbing passport

What is climbing passport?

Climbing passport is an interesting unusual gift idea for the friends or relatives and an excellent birthday gift for kids and teenagers. It includes a free pass into our park, climbing gloves and a drink (water, juice or lemonade).

Climbing passport cost 27€ (incl. shipping).

We send climbing passport only in territory of Finland.


Personal tickets

Children  (100 - 130 cm) 10.00 €
Children  (130 - 140 cm) 17.00 €
Adults  22.00 €
Climbing passport  27 Euros
(Inc. shipping)

Group tickets

Family   (At least 5 people) 10% discount
Bachelor party  (At least 10 people) 20.00 €
Tour for students  (At least 10 people) 17.00 €
Birthday parties  (At least 10 people) 20.00 €

Additional items

A bottle of water 300-500 ml. 1.5 €
Lemonade 500 ml. 2 €
Energy drink 2.5 €
Ice cream 2 €
Juice 200 ml. 1.5 €
Climbing gloves 2 €
We accept credit cards or cash

Timetable (Summer 2016)

Monday - Friday
Only for groups

11:00 - 18:00

Saturday - Sunday
For everyone

11:00 - 18:00
On the weekdays the park is opened only for the groups with pre-order,
and on the weekends for everybody from 11:00 to 18:00

The weather may influence the timetable. Make sure to check the timetable for recent updates.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the adventure park?

For adults, kids. Minimum size is 100 cm and maximum weight 120kg. Park might nor suit for people with vertigo and serious back problems. Please ask.

How to dress?

Comfortable sportive clothes better with long sleeves and sneakers

Is there any course for kids?

Children 100-130 cm have their own course Junior and kids 130-140cm can do both family courses. Over 140 cm kids can do all the courses

Is it safe?

In "Le Tuuri Parc" we use the swissmade Saferoller system which is the best and safest system available

If rain?

Small rain doesn't disturb the climbing. If big rain or thunder we close the park untill the weather has cooled down

How long does it take?

Usually 2-2,5 hours or even more if go through all the courses

How big groups can come?

The perfect group size is 20-30 persons, bigger groups are usually divided in 2 groups in forest

Food and drinks?

We have a little kiosk in the park, there you can get some soft drinks and icecream. Allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Also in forest there is a place to make a fire

Are there discounts?

We have family and group discounts


Dogs are very welcome to our park :)

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